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   Currículum Vitae

  • Studies of painting at the Escola Massana of Barcelona, city where she lives and works.

  • She illustrated her first book in 1968.

  • She has illustrated more than 900 books, and she is also the a uthor of some of them Jon's Moon, The Boy with the Umbrella, Llíva, petita història d'un gos d'atura, among others.

  • Illustrator of two cartoon series for the British producer King Rollo Films. Ltd. Víctor¬Maria.

  • Collaborations with the magazines: Pomme d’Api, Cavall Fort, Cricket and Ladybug.

  • Individual exhibits in Barcelona, Munich, Madrid, London, Paris, Montreuil, Montauban, Salamanca, Lleida, Taipei Taiwan, Cornellà de Llobregat. 

  • Collective exhibits throughout the world.

  • Member of many national and international juries.

  • Participant in Meetings for the Promotion of Reading, in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro or Taipei, New York.

  • Participant in the first Congress of Catalan Culture and the First Congress of Children’s Literature of Catalonia.

  • Presenter of “Quitxalla” in TVE1 in 1981.

  • Active and founding member of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia, of which she has been both President and Vicepresident.

  • Taught illustration courses for professionals in: Barcelona, Mexico DF, Río de Janeiro, Venice, Taipei, New York City.

  • Illustration of six short stories written by Gabriel García Márquez. La luz es como el agua, La siesta del martes, Maria dos prazeres, Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes, El verano feliz de la señora Forbes, El último viaje del buque fantasma.

  • She has written the play Colors, based in three tales by Ray Sorigué, which she also transcribed for theater, stage direction and scenography.

  • Designed the sets for: Tirant lo Blanc. Grúmic, el follet de les estacions. Hers, el fantasme del teatre. Colors. Igrigor, la terra s’escalfa. El riu ja no riu.

  • Jon’s Moon puppets design and construction.

  • Designed posters, covers and inner pages of discographic works and advertising materials.

  • Anthological exhibit in Taipei, 1997.

  • Anthological exhibit 33 anys d’il.lustració at the Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona, February / May 2001.

  • In 2004, the City Hall of Barcelona comissions a large mural of peace for the Forum of Cultures. She made “Ibtihal for peace”, a triptych on canvas, 285x800.

  • Ibtihal, exhibition about Rights of the Child, Cornellà de Llobregat, 2006.

  • Workshops in Cornellà schools to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child 1989.

  • WHY? campaign for Children's Rights from 2014.

  • Anthological Exhibition “Per Què? at the Palau Robert, Barcelona, 2018.

  • Creates the sculpture “La més petita de totes” commissioned by the       Catalan government in 2019

  • Makes “Alícia”, the sculpture for the award of the Premis de l'Acadèmia de Música de Catalunya 2019 

  • Action WHY? At the Port of Barcelona 2020

  • Installation of the “Abraçada” sculpture in the gardens of Can Deu in Barcelona 2022

  • Pictorial actions and conferences in Rome 2023

  • Live painting at the Barcelona Book Week, Pilma and Medinyà during 2023

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