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"Somnis", by Antonia Rodenas 28-08-2010 Another book by Antonia is about to be published as well, “El poderoso llanto de Mateo” (Oxford). Mateo wants to go for a walk and he starts crying at his mother negative answer.
"El poderoso llanto de Mateo", new tale about to be published in 2011 28-08-2010 This year Antonia Rodenas tale Somnis (Anaya) has been published in the Valencian dialect of Catalan. A text that has allowed me to depict my experience in a small village in Benin and which main character is a girl who lives with joy, a reality very different to ours.
Next projects 28-08-2010 Nowadays, I am preparing a big exhibition on four decades of my illustration work and I am working in my next book, Kinderkreuzzug by Bertold Brecht, a story about peace. And a little more on the long term, a very special painting exhibition.
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