Picture of Carme Solé-Vendrell
Photo by Francesc Àvila
Barcelona, August 1st 1944
Internationally Renowned Illustrator and Painter
She studied painting at Escola Massana in Barcelona. Her first book was published in 1968 and, since then, she has illustrated more than 700 titles, including albums and textbooks.
In 1981 Blackie published her first book both as a writer and illustrator, The boy with the Umbrella. Later on she published other titles, among which Jon's Moon which appeared in several languages and editions. This book placed her among the most internationally renowned illustrators. She has been published in several countries, such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, United States, Canada, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, among others.
Her books cover a wide range of topics and are aimed to different age groups, always exploring new techniques and styles. Carme’s work follows the rich Catalan illustration school, showing the way to the new generations of artists.
Her anthological exhibits in Taiwan, 1997, and Barcelona, 2001, are specially worth mentioning.
In 1981 she collaborated with the cartoon series Victor & Maria, produced by King Rollo Films and based on the main character of her 1979 book Bear in the air.
She contributed regularly to different children magazines such as Pomme d’Api, Cavall Fort, Tretzevents, Cricket and Ladybug.
She has been in charge of illustration workshops in Barcelona, Mexico DF, Venice, Río de Janeiro, Taiwan or New York, and she has widely travelled giving lectures and attending professional meetings. She has been part of several international juries. She is a founding member of Associació professional d’Il·lustradors de Catalunya (the Catalan Illustrators’ Association).
Carme has received many awards, among which: Janusz Korczak in 1979, Nacional de ilustración in 1979, Catalònia in 1984, Critici in Erba in 1992, Octogone la Fonte in 1992, Creu de Sant Jordi in 2006, Nacional de Ilustración in 2013.
She also creates posters, animation, scenography, and works in playwriting and directing.
Since 1992 she has combined her activity with painting. In this field, her children portraits Nens del mar (Sea Children) and Nens de la guerra (War children) are particularly renowned. In 2004, Barcelona’s City Council commissioned her a wall mural for peace, “Ibtihal”, for the city’s Forum of Cultures held that same year.
Nowadays she is preparing different exhibitions and the publishing of her next illustration work.
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